duminică, 12 iulie 2009

La furat de teste

1. Your choice symbolizes a person whom you could like in real life situations.
Horse - Unrestrained, freedom-loving and free.
2. Your choice symbolizes the impression that you want to have on people.
Horse - Optimism.
3. Your choice symbolizes a behavior that would make you finish your relationship with your partner (beloved one).
Snake - Your partner is too emotional and has very often mood swings and you don’t know how to deal with it.
4. Your choice symbolizes a type of relationship that you would like to have with your partner (beloved one).
Horse – Both of you can discuss any topic without being emotional. You have no secrets from each other.
5. Your choice shows if you are capable to cheat.
Person - it is unlikely that you cheat.
6. Your choice shows your attitude to marriage.
Bengal tiger- For you, marriage is something very precious, when you get married, you will greatly appreciate your marriage and your other half.
7. Your choice shows your attitude to love.
Horse - you don’t like long-term relationship, you are ready only to flirt.

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